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| *Corresponding Issue(s)* | [SPR:Disassociation of files and metadata]\\ |
| *Tool/code link* | _[Relevant subfolder of SPRUCE Github repository|]_ \\ |
| *[Tool Registry Link|]* | _If possible provide a link to information about any third party tools used. Ideally these should point to entries in the OPF Tool Registry_ |
| *[Tool Registry Link|]* | |
| *Evaluation* | From the Solution owner: \\
_The solution worked well and was developed in just over a morning. The main problems foreseen were the developer had a newer version of Excel than the practitioner and that the tool may not work on items stored on a network_. _The checking tool worked over several attempts on a sample of 204 file pairs, some of which were altered in name and extension so they would not all match up. The results were quickly displayed on the NLS' spreadsheet which is the master list for each batch of pages digitised so it fits in nicely with current workflow and practices._ \\