UCLan Corporate Records on Sharepoint

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_The name or short description of the Dataset. This should be the same text as the title of the page. Keep it short, but make it descriptive so others who don't know about the Dataset in question can get a general feel for what its about. Just using the name of the Dataset won't be enough (eg. "The John Smith Collection"). Including details of the source and format can help (eg. "The John Smith Collection of digitised newspapers")_

UCLan Corporate Records on Sharepoint 

_Description of the Dataset. Provide details of the following: Who created the content, its source, what kind of material it is (eg. newspapers, books, websites, scientific data), its extent (how many books, pages, records, etc), its volume in terms of disk storage, what formats are present, what metadata is present, and any other useful details._

The content is text, images and documents in various file types created by UCLan staff using Sharepoint to create, hold and/or organise the files and information. The basic file types are Sharepoint lists, MS documents and ASPX files.  The dataset should include contextual material, such as relationships between documents held in libraries.  Metadata required needs to be defined now.

_Details of any licencing restrictions. State as clearly and concisely as posible who can access the Dataset. Reference any licences by URL or attachments._

All material is owned by UCLan and will be subject to UCLan document retention policies_._

_The Institution that owns the Dataset._
The University of Central Lancashire

*Dataset Location*
_A link to the dataset or instructions on how to obtain a copy of the dataset for testing/dev purposes if this is possible._

*Dataset Champion*
_The contact name for the Dataset. Type "\[" and then your name to use autocomplete.This creates a link to your user profile on the wiki, including your contact details, so is the best way to add your name._

*Issues brainstorm*