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h4. Benefits Analysis and Alignment with Institutional Objectives

Benefits to the institution\\

Digital preservation ensures long terms access to vital records

Good management saves time

Better access for users/the public -- easier to put online

Increases audiences

Raises the profile of the institution

Captures archival collections relating to a wide section of the community which fits into our key principles

Institutional role cannot be fulfilled without being able to handle digital material

Preserve the institutional memory

Preserving local/regional history now conducted through entirely digital media (blog, website, twitter etc)

Funding grants may be dependent on preserving and making data accessible

Funding opportunities may become available with digital preservation projects which require IT backup

_< Begin by brainstorming the different benefits relevant to your activity, then expand on these in the Detailed Benefit Description column. When these benefit descriptions are complete, enter which objectives from your institutional strategy the benefit aligns with >_
|| Generic or high level benefit || Detailed benefit description || Aligns with Institutional Objective ||