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** Many repositories have similar content and are facing similar issues, but don't have the means to share what they have and discover synergies in an easy way, beyond informal community interaction.
** They want to be able to share and discover factual, reliable information. Any kind of repository. 
*** Wants to be able to discover who else is holding content of a specific type (file format ID) 
*** wants to know being the only one using a specific tool
*** Want to know whether they are the only ones using a specific tool
*** Want to know the answer to questions like "How many uses Fedora Commons version 3.4 ?"
* Preservation Issues
** Risk management
*** Avoiding risks by community engagement and assistance
* SCAPE solution (unique selling point)
** SCOUT, CC (FITS, tika, ...), C3PO
* Real users
** internal: SB, KB, ONB, BL, STFC, IM
** external: all other respositories (content holding institutions) - could be connected at future events: Hackathon (could kickstart the use of SCOUT), iPRES, Open Repositories
* Positive Words
** wisdom of the crowds