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_A bulleted list of possible preservation or business driven Issues or challenges. This is useful for describing ideas that might be turned into detailed Issues at a later date. Use concise bullets only. More detail can be added in Issue pages that are linked from this page._

h6. Analysis  of Technical Issues

The overall system was usable, except for the being able to use run the interface to the disk; however the useful content (the interviews) are not usable

* The problems with the data is that subtitles for videotaped interviews do not display.
* The subtiles are embedded in a Quicktime MOV container as a Adobe/Macromedia Flash channel.
* Apple disabled support for Flash in Quicktime MOV files due to security problems.  Subtitles can only render on version of Quicktime prior to 7.3.1.  
* The subtitles appear to be inserted into the media in a single text box.  This has not been confirmed. 
* Subtitles can be converted to bitmaps using an earlier version of Quicktime Pro. 
* Versions of Quicktime of appropriate vintage can only run on MacOS X version prior to 10.5
* Versions of Quicktime of an appropriate vintage can run on Windows XP, and possibly on later versions of windows. 
* License keys for Quicktime Pro for windows appear to be different from those for Mac. 

h6. Ideal Solution

* Once the subtitles have been rendered as bitmaps, they can be converted to text, using either automatic or human transcription.
* Once converted to text, the subtitle box can be removed from the movie, and the subtitles added as standard soft subs.
* Timing the subtitles should ideally be done by a fluent speaker of the language.  If no speaker is available, sentence breaks can be used.  

*List of Issues*