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h2. xcorrSound waveform-compare / Audio Migration+QA

A Hadoop mapper doing just xcorrSound waveform-compare is fairly simple. Taking as input a file containing a  a list of pairs of paths to wav files (migrated and comparison) to compare, we can run the command line tool on each pair, and output the exit code and waveform-compare text output as mapper output. We can the add a reducer counting the number of good and the number of bad migrations.

A Taverna workflow doing xcorrSound waveform-compare is also simple, as well as a Taverna workflow calling the above described xcorrSound waveform-compare Hadoop job\!

Thus we are writing an Audio QA Taverna workflow using a number of Hadoop jobs.
Thus we are writing an Audio Migration+QA Taverna workflow using a number of Hadoop jobs. Version 1 (simple audio QA): Taverna workflow including 3 hadoop jobs: ffmpeg migration, mpg321 conversion, waveform-compare on file-lists/directories. Version 2 would include ffprobe property extraction and comparison. I have changed my mind about the input / output fitting the tools / Taverna / Hadoop best. For now, the input to the Taverna workflow is a file containing a list of paths to mp3 files to migrate + an output path (\+ number of files pr. task). This is also the input to the ffmpeg migration hadoop job and the mpg321 conversion job. The output from these will be the path to the wav file (the output directory will also contain logs). These lists of paths to ffmpeg migrated wavs and mpg321 converted wavs will then be combined in Taverna to a list of pairs of paths to wav files, which will be used as input to the xcorrSound waveform-compare hadoop job.

Work in progress.

h2. etc.