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|| || Preservation Procedure Policy: Budgets ||
| || Related Guidance Policy \\ | Organisation |
| || Definition/ Description | Preservation of digital collections is cost-intensive and it is important that budgets are in line with the preservation goals of the organisation. \\ |
| || Why | An organisation needs to be aware of the available budget in relation to the goals and commitments made with respect to preservation of digital collections. The organisation need to consider priorities within the wider funding envelope and using a cost model related to digital preservation may support this. The 4C project in the draft report  “[Evaluation of Cost Models & Needs|]” defines a cost model as “a representation of the resources, such as capital and labour, used for digital curation activities” The identification of clear priorities are vital to ensure that any budget fluctuations can be managed successfully.  \\ |
| || Risks | If the budget is insufficient, the organisation might not be able to achieve their goals or commitments, which might lead to inability to perform committed tasks, take necessary actions and eventually cause loss or damage to the collections and ultimately to the organisation itself. |
| || Life cycle stage | Description and Representation Information, Preservation Planning, Community Watch and Participation, Curate and Preserve \\ |
| || Stakeholder | *Management*: will allocate budgets |
| || Cross Reference | Costs |
| || Examples | Wellcome Library Preservation Policy: “_The Library allocates a proportion of its annual budget to support activities to ensure that the preservation policy can be implemented_.” Source: \[ \\
\] |
|| RelatedControl Policy | Monitoring whether changes in costs might influence the budget available is one possibility. For plans involving actions, there are usually budgetary limits. \\
Examples might be:
* Running costs per object MUST be less than 0.24
* Quantitative archival storage costs MUST be less than 0.34
* Personnel costs MUST be less than 1M_ \_ |
| || Questions to foster discussions | * Does your organisation have a financial plan for the repository/collection to ensure sufficient resources are available for running the repository? \\ |