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| *Licensing* | Sample images tested are copyright V&A. Publication only allowed through [http://www.elta-project.org/] |
| *Institution* | King's College London, Victoria & Albert, Hackney Empire, Half Moon Young People's Theatre, Hoxton Hall, Theatre Royal Stratford East, Theatre Venture, Wilton's Music Hall |
| *Collection expert* | Gareth Knight [~garethknight] |
| *List of issues* | * Duplicate content contained in collection provided over several accessions
** Files with same fixity value assigned different filenames
** Different scans of a single object |
| *Issues* | * [AQuA:Identification of same image at different levels of rotation]
* [AQuA:De-duplication of multiple scanned images of same object|AQuA:De-duplication of multiple scanned images of same object] |