Extraction of metadata from digital audio files

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| *Possible approaches* | Software tools for describing the technical makeup of digital audio files and their embedded metadata exist, but are limited in functionality, format support and structuring around manual or GUI-based interfaces; requiring the use of multiple tools or parts of tools to achieve a simple, single goal.  Manually exporting useful data from such tools is perfectly viable for single files of limited types, but proves inefficient when faced with large and technically-varied collections.  Ideally, this would be solved by a single command line-driven tool for exporting metadata in a directly-usable or transformable format (xml, for instance), which could be incorporated into batch scripts to automate large-scale metadata extraction. \\ |
| *Context* | [AQuA:British Library Sound & Vision] \\ |
| *AQuA Solutions* | [Characterization of user-generated audio field recordings|AQuA:Characterization recordings|AQUAdio - characterization of user-generated audio field recordings]\\ | \] |
| *Collections* | [User-generated audio field recordings|AQuA:User-generated audio field recordings]\\ |