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The mpg321 used was version 0.2.10. Copyright (C) 2001, 2002 Joe Drew.

The cluster set/ up that was used was the June 2014 version of the [SP:SB Hadoop Platform].

h5. WebDAV
h3. *WebDAV*

The Taverna logs and outputs of the June experiment are stored on [] along with the SB scape Hadoop Cluster map-reduce client configuration.

We would like to store sufficient information about an experiment (hadoop program, configuration, etc.), so we are able to rerun it. For this purpose, ONB is providing a WebDAV - if you have questions and need more information, please contact Sven or Reinhard at ONB.
Taverna workflows will still be stored on [|].

Link: [|]

Please use the following structure for storing experiment results



where institutionid = onb, storyid = arc2warc, experimentid = jwat, timestamp = 1374526050

h2. Evaluation notes