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| *Detailed description* | Problem: a typical characteristic of digital archives that aim for “long-term preservation” is that the life cycle of the technical infrastructure on which they are based is much shorter than the period for which their contained materials should be preserved. This means that migrations from one archival system to another are inevitable. In the simplest case this could be nothing more than a migration of AIPs from one storage medium to another. However, in most cases this will also involve the migration of metadata, and the contents of each AIP from the source system may need to be taken apart and re-assembled on the destination system. This will result in changes to the AIP’s internal structure that must be accounted for in the migrated (structural) metadata. Finally, such migrations may also involve one or more metadata enrichment steps (for example, because the availability of new or improved characterisation tools makes it possible to automatically extract technical and preservation metadata that couldn’t be established within the old system). |
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