Fixes for some common PDF to PDFA conversion validation errors

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From Adobe Preflight \\
Syntax problem: Real value out of range (too high) (also commonly get the other extreme - too low) \\
*Solution* to this issue was to use PDFA2 as the original PDFA1b spec is unable to cope with large numbers either negative or positive. The error in this case was caused by a bezier curve with a high value. \\
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From PDFBox Preflight: \\
Invalid color space...\\
*Solution* \- this was fixed by the Adobe Acrobat by making the default colorspace to be sRGB\\
From PDFBox Preflight: \\
Invalid font definition \\
From Adobe Preflight \\
CIDset in subset font is incomplete \\
Font not embedded\\
*Solution (perhaps)* \- this was 'solved' by Adobe Acrobat Preflight by turning the pages into raster images and putting the text as an invisible layer so it was still searchable. This was not an ideal solution as it lost the vector aspects of some of the illustrations (archaeological site plans). As the vector aspects of these illustrations is often seen as a significant property of the file it is not adequate solution for this use case. \\ |
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