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Begin by creating a page to describe your Dataset. Then add an Issue page, this will describe the preservation Issue (a problem or challenge) that you have with your Dataset. Over time, create Solution pages with developers from PC and PW. These will describe preservation tools and workflows that are created to solve your preservation Issue. You can also create a Scenario page. This contains no master data itself, but simply includes references to other pages that will then show up in full on your Scenario page. Your Scenario page should include all Dataset, Issue and Solution pages that are relevant to your Scenario. View an existing Scenario page (and view the edit page) to see how it works.

There are Template pages that make creating Dataset, Issue, Solution and Scenario pages really easy. The following steps provide an example of how to create a new Dataset, Issue or Solution page:
# Leave this page open so you can read this instructions while you work, and open a new tab in your browser.
# Navigate to the Dataset page here: [SP:Datasets]
# Select "Page" from the "Add" drop down menu at the top right
# Click on "Select a page template to start from" at the top left
# Choose which template to use (in this example: Dataset), and click on "Next"
# Replace the italicised text with your Dataset details then "Save" the page
# Remember you're editing in a wiki, so edit of the page is stored and you can easily role back if you make a mistake
# From the main [SP:SCAPE Scenarios - Datasets, Issues and Solutions] page, click on the "Click here to create a new Dataset" found under each of the Datsets, Issues and Solutions lists.
# Fill out the template and save the page
# Check the page you've just created, make any corrections
# Add links to corresponding pages. For example each Dataset should link to one or more Issues
# Add some Labels to your page (find the Label facility right at the bottom of the page). This allows us to categorise the pages in useful ways. Delete the "untagged" label and add new Labels as appropriate. Try and re-use existing Labels where relevant.