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\-          Some pdf files seem to have a password, which hinders the access to it but also possible preservation actions. It would help to get a list of affected “archive identifiers” in order to contact the supplier of these objects or to start a special action \\
\-          Some objects have related zip files with unknown file formats in it. It would help if we could get an overview of the file format extensions in the zip file, just to get an idea of the risk. When necessary, a preservation action could be planned. \\
\- Objects are only superficial identified at ingest, a more proper identification with a better tool would be preferable. \\ \\
The idea behind this is to get an idea of certain risks (intelligent reporting) so to enable the organization to take measures if the reports show that the risk is high. It is not the intention to change objects in whatever way, only to determine some characteristics. \\
| *Manual assessment* | _Apart from automated measures that you would like to get do you foresee any necessary manual assessment to evaluate the solution of this issue?_ \\
_Yes, it should be possible for a non developer curator to use this tool on a sample set, to verify beforehand specific material_ \\ |
| *Actual evaluations* | links to acutual evaluations of this Issue/Scenario |