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| *Title* \\ | *{_}ADS Grey Literature Library{_}* \\ |
| *Description* | *{_}Around 11,000 files increasing by around 200 per month.  unpublished fieldwork reports from archaeological research. Mainly delivered to ADS as word files then and pdfs, and often-times migrated to PDF/A for preservation{_}*. \\ |
| *Description* | *{_}This collection is owned by the Archaeology Data Service. It is a library of unpublished fieldwork reports recording the results of archaeological fieldwork in the UK. Currently holds over 11,000 reports and increases by around 200 reports per month.  Reports are mainly delivered to the ADS via an on-line web form and are uploaded as pdf or word files{_}*. These need to be migrated to suitable preservation formats for our archive. \\ |
| *Licensing* | *{_}Non-exclusive licence to distribute and to take relevant preservation actions._* \\ |
| *Owner* | _Lots of different owners - the fieldworkers that supply the reports._ \\ |