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| *Title* \\ | eTheses |
| *Description* | White Rose consortium holds thousands of theses and have rarely run preservation actions on the files.  Do we know of any issues related to hte PDFs?  Can we convert them to PDF/A? Some are already PDF/A but can the others be converted? The larger questin and possibly out of scope for the hackathon is, why are we not capturing the file in a native format and converting to PDF/A upon ingest and storing the native file alongside? \\ |
| *Licensing* | non-exclusive license to undertake preservation actions \\ |
| *Owner* | University of Leeds \\ |
| *Dataset Location* | see Jodie for hackathon, otherwise contact after event if you would like to gain access to materials \\ |
| *Collection Champion* | Jodie Double, [email protected] \\ |
| *Issues brainstorm* | * _A bulleted list of possible preservation or business driven Issues. This is useful for describing ideas that might be turned into detailed Issues at a later date_
* |
| *Issues brainstorm* | * similar issues to that of ADS datasets in that we take in or create PDFs but undertake minimal checking post processing
* conversion of files may introduce artifacts
* embedded elements may not carry through conversion
* formatting may shift |
| *List of Issues* | _A list of links to detailed Issue pages relevant to this Dataset_ \\ |