Identify Files Affected by Truncated-Fuzzy JPEG2000

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Identify Files Affected by Truncated/Fuzzy JPEG2000 \\ |
| *Detailed description* | _A detailed description of the Solution. Feel free to include links to further information (eg. OPF blog posts\!). Note that a Solution is a specific digital preservation application of a software tool or tools. It might for example be a scripted tool, or a myExperiment workflow_ \\
Initially it was felt that the structure of the J2 files would be deficient in some way.  Johann van Der Knijff has developed a python tool to do a simple top level check of J2 structure, which checks for the existence of all top level J2 boxes and if the main end marker is in the right place. \\
*j2structCheck across 8 images (4 assumed good, 4 known bad)* \\
j2structCheck found 1 image with a problem (a true positive) \\
*evidence from j2 filesize (the same 8 images, plus some easy to find known worse)* \\
Each j2 for a particular newpaper set should have a comparable filesize (i.e. for two of the sets, approx 20Mb and 17Mb respectively) \\
| *Tool/code link* | [JP2 file structure checker|] |
| *[Tool Registry Link|]* | _If possible provide a link to information about any third party tools used. Ideally these should point to entries in the OPF Tool Registry_ \\
Johann van Der Knijff - \\
Johan's blog post about the JP2 file structure checker:[]\\
Tool registry link: [TR:jp2StructCheck]\\ |