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debian repository (add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list)  \\
{nolink: packages/} |
{nolink:deb packages/} |
| *Installation* | On Debian/Ubuntu: \\
  * Add the debian repository to your apt sources at outlined above \\
| *[Tool Registry Link|]* | _file - The Unix file tool_ \\
_exiftool - A tool to process metadata from files which embed XMP and related metadata_ |
| *Evaluation* | Notes from final presentation at the hackathon: \\
Dev: This shouldn't really be a problem\! This should have been solved by this community already\! \\
Dev: Starting with vanilla machine with content to explore. Demoed installation and run of code using Debian \\
Dev: ID tools aren't wrapped just called as required so keeping tools up to date does not require further effort (eg. in comparison with FITS approach) \\
Dev: Shows summary data and more detailed propertiesand outputs as CSV to allow easy analysis in Excel etc. \\
Dev: Can easily modify to output data in different forms \\
CO: Really useful. Output is huge, so next stage is around analysis of results and next steps. \\
CO: Useful to kick of debate within institution of uptake of preservation tools and embedding in processes etc \\ |