Extracting content from Facebook to Mediawiki

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on Nov 16, 2012 13:30.

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* Would like to add functionality to enable bookmarking in Facebook which then triggers transfer
* Issue owner: First step in this approach. Opens the door\! |
| *Further development*\\ | Having demonstrated that it is possible to transfer data from Facebook into MediaWiki, the next step in this project was to produce a usable tool with expanded functionality. This was [supported by a SPRUCE award|http://www.dpconline.org/advocacy/spruce/877-spruce-makes-funding-awards-for-digital-preservation] (funded by JISC) covering the period July-October 2012, involving Patrick McCann and Toni Sant, with the participation of Darren Stephens from the University of Hull. [Details available at the OPF blog|http://openplanetsfoundation.org/blogs/2012-11-16-depositing-data-facebook-mediawiki].\\ |