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h4. Upcoming OPF Hackathons Events and Webinars

Get involved\! Help us plan our future hackathon and webinar programme [here|http://wiki.opf-labs.org/display/KB/Hackathons+and+webinars+-+get+involved].
Get involved\! Help us plan our future events and webinar programme here: [Hackathons and webinars - get involved|Hackathons and webinars - get involved].

For a full list of upcoming OPF events, and other events and conferences relevant to the digital preservation community see the [OPF Website|http://openplanetsfoundation.org/events/opf-events]. You can also add your own event to the OPF website calendar of event.
* [SCAPE Project|SP:Events]

h4. Project and Community training resources

Please add links to [digital preservation training materials|KB:Digital Preservation online training resources].

h4. Past Events

This page provides links to wikispaces for past events.