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The EU-funded project SCAPE, [|], is offering organisations the opportunity to visit our partners and be introduced to some of the developments within the project. The project addresses long term digital preservation of large-scale and heterogeneous collections of digital objects. Partners will present demonstrations of tools and services that can be used separately or as a full set of interconnected SCAPE services. The tools are published as open source software and make use of the existing development infrastructure hosted by the Open Planets Foundation, who will provide the foundation with further take up of project results for a long-term and sustained impact beyond the lifetime of the project.

The institutions will be offering visiting opportunites during the month of May. Follow the links below to explore these opportunities by institution or by specific SCAPE preservation topic. If you would like to schedule a visit, please send an email to Jette Junge, jgj \[at\] statsbiblioteket \[dot\] dk. Additionally, contact information for each institution is provided below.

h1. Institutions and Contacts

If you are interested in attending a SCAPE demo, please send an email to Jette Junge, [[email protected]|mailto:[email protected]] jgj \[at\] statsbiblioteket \[dot\] dk . Additionally, you may send your request to contacts at the institutions directly.