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h2. Preparation for London Event
h2. London Mashup Results

[AQuA:What you need to prepare before attending the London AQuA mashup]
[AQuA:Collections, Issues, Contexts and Solutions]: results from the AQuA Mashups

Blog post by Paul Wheatley on [the AQuA approach to the digital preservation hackathon/mashup|]

[\#AQuAqa|!/search?q=%23AQuAqa] for project tweeting

h2. London Mashup Evaluation

[Survey Monkey Evaluation|]
[Solution evaluation questions|AQuA:Solution evaluation questions (London)]

h2. London Mashup Results

_Results will appear here when the mashup starts\!_

[Collections, Issues and Solutions:|AQuA:Collections, Issues and Solutions] all the results from the first [AQuA Mashup in Leeds|AQuA:AQuA - The Leeds Mashup]

[Where to put your Sshhh\! bag photo|] (this will make more sense at the event\!)

[\#AQuAqa|!/search?q=%23AQuAqa] for project tweeting

h2. London Mashup Schedule 13th-15th June

h2. London Mashup Schedule

h3. Day 1: Understanding the problem

** AQuA work areas online
*** Overview so everyone can [get onto the wiki and OPF GitHub|] and contribute (Andy Jackson / Maurice de Rooij)
** Show and tell, 2 lightning talks from the Leeds AQuA Mashup ([Maurice|AQuA:Image Comparison Lightning Talk] and Sven)
* 1130 - 1200 Collections and QA challenges - lightning talks from collection owners on their collections and initial thoughts on challenges (Bo) (2 minutes each)
* 1200 - 1215 Techie introductions: interests, technologies, and the collections/preservation issues they are most interested in (Bo) (1 minute each)
* 1300 - 1430 Understanding the preservation issues (parallel session, breakout into 2 groups)
** Announce teams and rooms
** Team ice breakers - write bio about partner on wiki, share, edit, mark as happy to publish
** cCapture preservation triples: collection - issue - solution
*** Small groups, one collection per flipchart page, record issues and solutions
*** Each team selects triple that they will own
* 1500 - 1700 Begin hacking, mashing and writing up
* 1700 Close
* 1900 Dinner
* 1900 Dinner - [Ciao Bella restaurant|], 86-90 Lamb's Conduit St Bloomsbury, WC1N 3LZ [Google map from BL to restaurants|,-0.119948&spn=0.011374,0.027595&z=15]

h3. Day 2: Developing the solutions
* 1645 - 1700 End of day wrap up: Prep for tomorrow.
** Start thinking about results, visualisations, demos and reporting back for evaluation.
* 1900 Dinner
* 1900 Dinner - [Wahaca |]Mexican Food and Tequila Bar, 80 Wardour Street, Soho, London, W1F OTF [Google map from BL to restaurants|,-0.119948&spn=0.011374,0.027595&z=15]

h3. Day 3: Evaluating the results
* 1130 - 1200 Lightning talks: Cunning code and digital disasters
* 1200 - 1245 Lunch
* 1245 - 1345 More lightning talks
* 12345 - 1445 Evaluating our mashups: Content owner and peer review
** Peer review between content owner / techie pairs (reviewing the results)
** Event review
* 1445 - 1500 Wrap up
** Present prizes\!
** Thanks, what happens next (AQuA Project wrapup), reminder to keep in touch via OPF site, thoughts about future work/projects
** Group photo