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h2. London Mashup Results

[Collections, Issues and Solutions|AQuA:Collections, Issues and Solutions (London)]: results, as they appear, from the AQuA Mashup in London
[AQuA:Collections, Issues, Contexts and Solutions]: results from the AQuA Mashups

[Collections, Issues and Solutions:|AQuA:Collections, Issues and Solutions] all the results from the first [AQuA Mashup in Leeds|AQuA:AQuA - The Leeds Mashup]
Blog post by Paul Wheatley on [the AQuA approach to the digital preservation hackathon/mashup|]

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h2. London Mashup Evaluation

[Survey Monkey Evaluation|]
[Solution evaluation questions|AQuA:Solution evaluation questions (London)]

[Where to put your Sshhh\! bag photo|] (this will make more sense at the event\!)

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