Seven Stories author & illustrator files

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Seven Stories author & illustrator files
Description Digital records in various file formats created by authors and illustrators in the process of writing/illustrating books.  Incidental occurences in collections which are primarily paper-based, and usually saved onto floppy disc or CD-R by creators prior to deposit.  Common file formats include Word, rich text, plaint text, pdf and photoshop files.
Licensing Copyright in all material is retained by the creator, and is not licensed for reproduction or distribution.
Owner Seven Stories, the Centre for Children's Books 
Dataset Location n/a 
Collection Champion Hannah Green
Issues brainstorm
  • material received through variety of media (floppy disc, CD-R, memory stick) & copied by creators
  • problem of identifying file types - incorrect file extensions, eg period marks in file names interpreted as file extensions after copying
  • identifying creating program/applications required to open files and access content
  • maintaining integrity and authenticity of records, where there are problems of file identification
  • auto update features in certain types of files, eg dates in Word files, leading to creation/modification log being changed when viewing content.  Impact of integrity/authenticity of records?
List of Issues Identification of file formats with incorrect file extensions
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