Extracting and aggregating metadata with Apache Tika

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Extracting and aggregating metadata with Tika

Apache Tika was used with a custom wrapper to extract metadata (e.g. author, title, extent, dates and file formats) and content (text) from collection files. A report was produced that summarised the metadata and content from the collection. This information will be used to inform collection management decisions and identify potential preservation issues.

A detailed description of the Solution. Feel free to include links to further information (eg. OPF blog posts!). Note that a Solution is a specific digital preservation application of a software tool or tools to a particular Issue with a particular Dataset. It might for example be a scripted tool, or a myExperiment workflow

Solution Champion
Thom Carter, Rebecca Webster

Corresponding Issue(s)
Produce a report summarising collection metadata and content
Sorting, appraising and metadata creation for deposited personal collections

Tool/code link
A link to code on Git hub or a corresponding myExperiment if applicable

Tool Registry Link
Add an entry to the OPF Tool Registry, and provide a link to it here.

Any notes or links on how the solution performed.

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