Identification, transfer and preservation of audio and video files

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Identification, transfer and preservation of audio and video files
Detailed description Audio and video files are held on a variety of media and in various file formats. Most storage is less than optimal and needs to be updated for long-term storage and access.

In order to accomplish this we need to be able to copy the files from the original discs, determine what types of files we are dealing with and whether they are still viable. The recordings will need to be stored long term in a form which allows them to be accessible to researchers and hopefully eventually transferred online, any recommendations for this and any suggestions for what would be best for digitising further archival audio and video would be brilliant. Any solution needs to be something which can be used by someone with limited technical abilities.

While this is a somewhat basic issue, there's so much out there that it's really confusing and intimidating for archives staff starting out in digital preservation trying to choose . Having a toolkit of  programs and guidance for
Issue champion Jane Harrison
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Any other parties who are also interested in applying Issue Solutions to their Datasets.
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Lessons Learned Notes on Lessons Learned from tackling this Issue that might be useful to inform digital preservation best practice .
Datasets [Ri Archive collections - audio, video and image examples]
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