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h2. About the team

Research and development on Emulation Services in the PLANETS Project has been done within Workpackage PA/5. This team consisted of the following people and organisations:

h4. Nationaal Archief - National Archives of the Netherlands

* Maurice van den Dobbelsteen

* Bill Roberts

h4. ALUF - University of Freiburg / Germany

* [Dirk von Suchodoletz|]

* Randolph Welte

* [Klaus Rechert|]

h4. Koninklijke Bibliotheek - National Library of the Netherlands

* [Jeffrey van der Hoeven|]

h4. IBM Netherlands

* Jasper Schroder

h4. IF sub-project

The work on integration wouldn't have been possible without the contributions from the following people in the IF sub-project of PLANETS:

Carl Wilson and Andy Jackson of the British Library, Peter Melms of UzK - University of Cologne and Rainer Schmidt of AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology.