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The OPF File Format Risk Registry provides a reference guide to file format-specific risks that have implications for long-term preservation and accessibility.
To add a new Format Registry entry, [follow this link|].
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h4. File Format Risks

h4. Registry scope

The File Format Risk Registry is focused on these four aspects:
* What are the main issues associated with this format?
* How does each issue affect long-term accessibility? What are the risks?
* For each issue, how can we assess whether a file object is affected, and using which tool(s)? How do we measure the risks?
* Are there any recommendations for dealing with an issue, or for mitigating its impact?

h4. Relation to institutional policies

Institutions may have policies that define how the issues that are described in this registry are dealt with. In that case identified errors/risks need to be validated against the low-level institutional policy ([control policy|]). There are a number of ways to achieve this. The following 2 blog posts present a straightforward approach that is based on [Schematron|] rules:

* [Automated assessment of JP2 against a technical profile|]
* [Identification of PDF preservation risks: analysis of Govdocs selected corpus|]

h4. Relation to other format registries

A number of format registries already exist, such as [PRONOM|], [the ArchiveTeam File Formats Wiki|] and [UDFR|]. Unlike those registries, the OPF _FFRR_ focuses specifically on _issues_ and _risks_, and how to deal with these in a practical way. So the information provided by _FFRR_ should be seen as complementary to these more formal format registries. Being a _Wiki_, _FFRR_ is also more free-form than PRONOM or UDFR. That aside, the very nature of its content isn't well suited to a more formalised database-centred approach.


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