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h2. Summary

| Name | FoxPro |
| Description | Text-based procedurally-oriented programming language and DBMS |
| MIME Type(s) | [application/dbase |],[application/x-dbase |],[application/dbf |],[application/x-dbf |],[zz-application/zz-winassoc-dbf |] |
| PRONOM ID(s) | [fmt/373 |],[fmt/374 |],[x-fmt/6 |],[x-fmt/7 |],[x-fmt/242 |] |
| UDFR ID(s) | [u1f848 |],[u1f859 |],[u1f350 |],[u1f598 |],[u1f351 |]|
| File extension(s) | dbf |
| Wikipedia page(s) | [], [] |
|Format specification | |

h2. Description

FoxPro is a text-based procedurally-oriented programming language and DBMS, originally published by Fox Software and later by Microsoft, for MS-DOS, MS Windows, Apple Macintosh, and UNIX.

h2. Format issues

FoxPro format can be read with MSSQL Server Express. SQL Server Express is supported on x64 and EMT64 systems in Windows On Windows (WOW). SQL Server Express is not supported on IA64 systems.

h2. User Experiences

h2. News Feeds

Links to places to find out when this format changes.

h2. Tools

Cross-references to tools that support this format.