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| *Title* | _McLean Museum Initial Digitised Collection_ |
| *Description* | _Scanned images of archival documents which have been created as digital surrogates. These have been stored as JPEGS. A digital artwork, a DIVX file, is also included in the collection along with digitised Museum registers in JPEG, DOC and PDF files._ |
| *Licensing* | Not for wider use. |
| *Owner* | _McLean Museum and Art Gallery_ |
| *Dataset Location* | _On external hard drive brought to the SPRUCE event. _ |
| *Collection Champion* | ___[~neildickson]_ |
| *Issues brainstorm* | * Best Practice for the preservation of our digital collection has not been implemented. 
* Our current cataloguing system may not be ready for the changing in Operating System.
* The long term future of cataloguing system is not guaranteed.
* No checks in place to ensure the authenticity of our digital artworks. 
* No practice in place to deal with the acquisition of digital collections in the museum. |
| *List of Issues* | * [SPR:New Operating System]
* [SPR:Authenticity and Integrity of Digital Artwork] |