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| *Title* \\ | National Fairground Archive |
| *Description* | Large collection (~80,000) of digital image files (photos and scanned documents). TIFF, JPG |
| *Licensing* | Copyright in much of the material is held by the National Fairground Archive, but a significant proportion of content is 'orphaned' |
| *Owner* | University of Sheffield |
| *Dataset Location* | 5 sample files and associated xml metadata on memory-stick |
| *Collection Champion* | [~richard freeston]\\ |
| *Issues brainstor* | Issues relating to the cataloging and ongoing management of, and accession to, a large (and growing) image-based collection of digital media files:
* migration of metadata to a cloud-based CONTENTdm asset management system
* best practice relating to accession of material from obsolete carrier formats
* best practice on handling moving image content \\
Automated and scalable tools to manage the following elements of the preservation lifecycle would be extremely useful:
* identification of file formats (and where applicable, authoring software)
* recommendations for file format migration
* Quality Assessment of migrated files
* extraction of file embedded metadata
* Optional OCR of image content, and generation of suggested keywords to assist with item categorisation (possibly via natural language processing) |
| *List of Issues* | _A list of links to detailed Issue pages relevant to this Dataset_ \\ |