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| *Title* | Virtualisation using VirtualBox\\ |
| *Detailed description* | It was found that emulation was not the preferred technique for resolving the problem running the A Tu Lengua software on modern OSs. Instead virtualisation using VirtualBox ([]) was attempted. It was possible to virtualise Windows 95. A Tu Lengua requires some 16-bit Windows Libraries to run. This problem has so far not been resolved, which means that the solution so far does not work for A Tu Lengua. \\
The software has not been written to adjust to different screen resolutions, which means that this issue could not be addressed. The issue of hard coding has turned out to be a matter of software configuration, which is prevented by the missing 16-bit Windows Libraries. \\ |
| *Solution Champion* | [~hsilva]  \\ |
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| *Evaluation* | _Virtualization approach: __[SPR:Creation of a virtual machine to run old or deprecated software]_ |