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After installation of Planets Server and Planets Suite you need to configure the Planets Server storage folder.This is the folder where digital objects are stored, for instance if you upload a file during a Testbed experiment.

Change to the checkout directory of Planets Suite, open the file ** with a text-editor and look for the variable *if_server.doms.config.dir*:

Navigate to this folder if it exists. If not, create the folder(s). Next step is to create the file ** in the dom-config folder if it does not exist.

Paste the following into **
manager.description=The Planets IF default Digital Object manager
Change *manager.path* to where you want Planets Server to store digital objects.

You might need to set permissions R+W on this folder so that the user that is running the Planets Server can create and read files. You might also need to set the sticky bit on this folder to the correct *user:group*.