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{info}This is the home page for the SPRUCE Mashup London event that was held on the 18th-20th September 2012. Navigate [here for other SPRUCE events|SPR:SPRUCE Events].{info}

This page provides links to everything you need throughout the event, so bookmark it now\!

h4. Mashup details

[The Programme|SPRUCE Mashup London - Programme, 18-20 September 2012]

[SPR:Sign up for Github and the Wiki] (practitioners need only sign up for the wiki)

Mashing results are collated here: [SPR:London Datasets, Issues and Solutions]

Business plan work is collated here: [SPR:London Business Plan Results]

h4. Practical stuff

Dinner on the 18th will be at 1930 at: [Needoo Grill|], which can be found [here|,-0.060039&spn=0.022352,0.038581&sll=52.8382,-2.327815&sspn=11.119371,19.753418&hnear=87+New+Rd,+London+E1+1HH,+United+Kingdom&t=m&z=15] (Google Map). Note that Needoo's is unlicensed so you will need to bring your own beer/wine if you that's what you'd like to drink.

Dinner on the 19th will be at Hub for those that would like to hacklate(TM) and/or socialise. The menu for the Flying Burrito is here: [|]

The hotel is the Premier Inn London Docklands (Excel) which is [here|,0.037529&spn=0.011178,0.01929&sll=51.508333,0.038911&sspn=0.357706,0.617294&hq=Premier+Inn+London+Docklands&t=m&z=16] (Google Map). Walk to Bank, then take the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) towards Lewisham or Woolwich, change at any of the first 3 stops and take the DLR towards Beckton, get off at Prince Regent.

h4. Online Collaboration

[Libraries and Information Science Stack Exchange|] (and check the [FAQ|] here for some steer on what to ask)

[Links to collaborative digital preservation initiatives|Collaborate with the digital preservation community]

h4. Reporting

The twitter hashtag for SPRUCE is  [\#sprucedp|]

If you'd like to blog about SPRUCE, or the London Mashup in particular, you are welcome to sign up and start blogging on the [Open Planets Foundation|] site. If you blog about SPRUCE elsewhere, please tell us, so we can big you up\!

h4. Help and Useful links:

Need inspiration for tools that you can use? [Some tool resources|Digital Preservation Tools]...

["Levels of Preservation"|] (draft)

[Results from all of our previous mashups, categorised and all in one place|]

h4. Evaluation

SPRUCE Mashup London Evaluation survey: []

h4. SPRUCE Awards

[Read the call for proposals for SPRUCE funding of up to £5k\!|SPR:SPRUCE Awards - funding opportunity for digital preservation]