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| *Title* | SO29 Extending JHOVE to characterise very large NeXus data file \\ |
| *Detailed description* | JHOVE tool currently fails in the presence of very large data files, even if the format (in this case, the Nexus format) can be correctly identified by JHOVE. This solution is to extend the capability of JHOVE to deal with very large Nexus data file. Note that JHOVE is written in Java, and is limited by the memory limitation of JVM (currently, JVM can normally handle files up to 4GB). \\ |
| *[Solution Champion|SP:Responsibilities of the roles described on these pages]* \\ | _Erica Yang_ (STFC) \\ |
| *Corresponding Issue(s)* \\ | [IS29 Characterisation and validation of very large data files] \\ |
| *Evaluation* \\ | _Any notes or links on how the solution performed. This will be developed and formalised by the Testbed SP._ \\ |