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h3. Who Should Attend and Why?

Anyone wishing to learn about emulation from some of the leading experts in the digital preservation community.

Practitioners interested in:
* Learning more about emulated environments and their role in presenting digital content in its original context.
* The use of emulation to provide access to complex digital material.
* How emulation can play a role in your digital preservation workflow.

Developers interested in:
* How to set up a simple emulation infrastructure.

Anyone interested in:
* Sharing real life emulation use cases.
* Contributing to defining used cases for future development.
* Learning about the results of emulation R&D projects (KEEP, Planets, bw FLA).
* Seeing demonstrations of, and getting hands on experience of emulators.
* Preservation metadata for emulation environments.

Attendees are expected to participate in the event, please bring the following if possible:
* Any examples of content that presents rendering problems.
* Potential uses cases for emulation in their organisation.
* Their laptops, with preferred development environment if applicable.

h3. *Agenda topics:*

* Practical use-cases / challenges
* Access strategies
* Metadata and representation information
* Scalable and sustainable emulation
* New challenges in the field
* Project presentations 

The full agenda can be seen at: [KB:Agenda - Emulation, learn from the experts]

h3. *Registration*

{color:#000000}Registration is now open at: {color}[|]{color:#000000}. {color}{color:#000000}OPF members are invited to attend free-of-charge (please use the code issued to your main point of contact at your organisation). Non-members are welcome at the rate of EUR 200.00.{color}

h3. Location

Faculty of Engineering/Technische Fakultät Albert-Ludwigs-Universität

Freiburg Georges-Köhler-Allee 101

79110 Freiburg

Building: 101


h3. Travel and accommodation information

[Emulation Hackathon - Travel and Accommodation|KB:Emulation Hackathon - Travel and Accommodation]

h3. Event dinner

More information coming soon.