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_Storage and compression of AVI files from Film and Video Collection_

*Detailed description*
_8 video clips (AVI files) digitised from film with a total size of 92GB. This is a dataset from a wider collection of over 15000 film and videos (of which around 5000 is own collection, the rest is held by the organisation). Some of the collection is digitised and stored on external hardrives._

_These files are very large, in RAW edit format, so solutions are needed for the best form of storage for these collections - what are the storage and cost implications?_

_ How can we reduce the file sizes while maintaining archival starndards. Is lossless compression of the files acceptable for the archival needs of the collection and how can this be achieved?_

*Issue champion*[~dominic]


*Other interested parties*
_Any other parties who are also interested in applying Issue Solutions to their Datasets._

*Possible Solution approaches*
* Use FFMPEG to create Motion JP2K version.
* Use FFMPEG to create Motion MP2 version.
* Use FFMPEG to create Motion MP4 version.

Only the first two would be considered archival quality but it's interesting to see what quality/file size options are available

_Dataset comes from the Film and Video collection comprising of around 15000 films and video. Some of this collection has been digitised and is currently stored on external hardrives. Aim would be to strategically digitise this collection in order to maintain long term access and meet preservation requirements._

*Lessons Learned*
_Notes on Lessons Learned from tackling this Issue that might be useful to inform digital preservation best practice_


 "[SPR:National Motor Museum Film and Video Collection]


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 "[SPR:FFMPEG as Video Transcoder]