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h2. Summary

| Name | {color:#000000}Strand SSF{color}\\ |
| Description | Strand Lighting Consoles. Used to store a show: Light Cues, Setup, Patch etc. Coupled to console (i.e. hardware) version. |
| MIME Type(s) | |
| PRONOM ID(s) | |
| UDFR ID(s) | |
| File extension(s) | ssf |
| Wikipedia page(s) | |
| Format specification | |

h2. Description

A summary of the format, focussing on digital preservation concerns.

h2. Format issues

h3. Issue 1

Strand SSF - have to convert to Ascii, using an unsupported and difficult to find Win 95 application called Showport. As far as I know the source code for that program is long gone.
If Strand hadn't written that before going bankrupt then a lot of people would have lost a lot of data.

{color:#000000}(From{color} {color:#000000}[here|]{color}{color:#000000}){color}

h3. Issue 2

List of know preservation issues amd risks that this format can suffer from.

h2. User Experiences

e.g. links to AQuA/SCAPE/Hackathon issues related to this format

h2. News Feeds

Links to places to find out when this format changes.

h2. Tools

Cross-references to tools that support this format.