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h2. Description
Institutional policies or digitisation guidelines may impose various constraints on the technical characteristics of preservation and access images. These constraints can be defined in a technical profile. If images don't conform to this profile, this may lead to a variety of problems.

h2. Risks
* Images may not meet quality requirements (e.g. lossy compression where lossless is required)
* Performance problems in access environment (e.g. progression order that is not optimised for typical viewing use cases)
* Interoperability problems (e.g. [resolution that is not in expected header fields|Resolution not in expected header fields] may lead to loss of this information after migration and failure of OCR software)

h2. Assessment
Using a combination of [Jpylyzer] and [Schematron], it is possible to automatically assess a JP2 against a technical profile. The procedure is described [in this blog|]. Test data are provided there as well.

h2. Recommendations
* Carefully consider the technical requirements that your JP2s should meet, and define a profile
* Translate this profile to a set of Schematron rules
* Use [Jpylyzer] and [Schematron] to determine if each JP2 meets the requirements

h2. Example files

h2. References
[Automated assessment of JP2 against a technical profile|]