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These pages will be used for the planning of the SCAPE Training Event in Aarhus, Denmark.

h2. Organisations/Work packages involved

*Training WP Lead:* OPF - Rebecca McGuinness, David Tarrant, Carl Wilson, Bram van der Werf

*Host Organisation:* BL - Lynne Chivers

*Work packages in agenda*: PW

*Planning contributors:* Christoph Becker

*Trainers:* TBC

*Resources: *{note} To be completed: Please add names and organisations from above work packages to be involved in shaping and delivering the training activities {note}

h2. Date

13-14 November 2013

h2. Venue

State and University Library, Aarhus, Denmark

h2. Learning outcomes and session plans

Day 1 

Day 2  

See example: [SP:Session plan example]

SCAPE Training Plan (SCAPE Share Point): []

h2. Agenda

h2. Travel and Accommodation

h2. Web text
{note}Additional information to be added following completion of session plans and overview.{note}

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h2. Registration