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These pages will be used for the planning of the SCAPE Training Event in Aarhus, Denmark.

h2. Organisations/Work packages involved

*Training WP Lead:* OPF - Rebecca McGuinness, David Tarrant, Carl Wilson, Bram van der Werf

*Host Organisation:* BL - Lynne Chivers

*Work packages in agenda*: PW

*Planning contributors:* Christoph Becker

*Trainers:* TBC

{note} To be completed: Please add names and organisations from above work packages to be involved in shaping and delivering the training activities {note}

h2. Date

13-14 November 2013

h2. Venue

State and University Library, Aarhus, Denmark

h2. Overview

Key to all digital preservation is effective planning. Preservation policies and decisions to take action must be based on solid, evidence based planning. This training course guides users through a number of key decision points in preservation planning, demonstrating how a number of profiling, evaluation, simulation and validation components can be used to more effectively manage digital risk. Further, this course shows users how to manage preservation policies and plans such that these can be evaluated regularly as environmental conditions change and further risk has to be managed.

h2. Aim

{note}To be completed {note}

h2. Learning outcomes and session plan

[Session Plan - Critical Path - Effective Evidence Based Preservation Planning|Session Plan - Critical Path - Effective Evidence Based Preservation Planning]

See example: [SP:Session plan example]

SCAPE Training Plan (SCAPE Share Point): []

h2. Agenda

{note} To be completed {note}

h2. Who should attend?

Digital preservation practitioners: those who are responsible for digital content, and making preservation planning decisions.

To get the most out of this training event, attendees should have some prior knowledge or experience of migration, file formats, characterisation tools and emulation

h2. Travel and Accommodation

{note} To be completed {note}

h2. Web text
{note}Additional information to be added following completion of session plans and overview.{note}

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h2. Registration

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