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| *Title* \\ | Data Extraction from real world Android Phone Images through BW-FLA Emulation as a service. The challenge is to extracting images from real Android phones (as the Nexus series devices) and mount them in the BW-FLA emulation environment. Based on this setup we want to extract information from running applications that don't offer an API for data extraction. e.g. by recording a routine that browses through a list of text messages and copies them one by one and dumps them on the file system. |
| *Detailed description* | _There are three main preservation challenges that need to be explored._ \\
_1) We need to get an understanding on the security mechanisms in place that prevent pulling off an image from a running android device and mounting them on a standard Android emulator. How does the Nexus family - that provide standard images for download - differ from others as HTC and Smasung. Are there ways of opening the bootloader, which encryption and signature informations are in place?_ \\
_2) We need to folllow up already existing work in the area of University of Freiburg on mounting an Android Emulator in the BW-FLA emulation as a service environment. This includes supporting touch and multitouch gestures and mapping those to keyboard/mouse commands._ \\
_3) We need to focus on the recording of useful routines for pulling off data from these devices without an API. So e.g. open your SMS application browse through your items and use the copy/pase command and dump information out in files that are handed back but also by accessing the embedded database files of applications like whatsapp, the camera, etc._ \\ |
| *Issue champion* | [~andrew01ait] |
| *Other interested parties* \\ | [~iv10]\\\\ |
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| *Context* | Part of AIT's initiative on management of personal heritage, which includes the mobile device as data source/sink as well as a sensor for all sorts of metadata |
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