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Spreadsheets & word processing documents from the [Rhoda K. Channing record group|] 

Created by Rhoda K. Channing, Director of the ZSR Library at Wake Forest University. Six disk images of files (anticipating Excel spreadsheets & word processing documents) imaged from CDs as well as six info files. The total size of the six disk images brought with me today is 4.6 MB. The [Rhoda K. Channing record group|] is a hybrid collection. In addition to paper materials, the record group contains six CDs and dozens of 3.5" floppies.

In terms of access restrictions, the collection is open. The copyright notice states "Copyright for materials resides with the creators of the items in question or their descendants, unless otherwise designated. Users of this collection are responsible for using the materials in conformance with U.S. copyright law." In practice, however, the born-digital materials are not open to researchers, nor have they been requested by researchers. The online finding aid does not reference digital materials.

Z. Smith Reynolds Library Special Collections and Archives, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA.

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* Identifying and characterizing the materials within the disk images
* Locating and redacting PII and other sensitive information
* Developing workflows for appraisal of born-digital materials
* Developing workflows for metadata creation

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