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Preservation planning - including choosing image formats for access, preservation and annotation.

*Detailed description*
The previous digitisation of our collections has been inconsistent with no standardised naming or file formats. We need to develop a plan for managing our current image files: keeping a master copy and an access copy; and annotating image files to make them easier to find and group. This can then inform future practice, both in digitisation projects and handling born-digital images. 

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*Possible Solution approaches*
* JPEG2000
* digiKam image management software
* tesseract ocr 

DHC has digitised parts of its analogue collections over time in a very inconsistent manner, with various equipment and no standard guidelines on metadata or formats. We want to avoid re-digitising material already digitised but we don't know what we already have. We have problems with viewing tiffs on work computers and need to be able to access the images regularly for re-use. We need to develop a plan for future handling of images. 

*Lessons Learned*
Jpeg is OK as a long term preservation format if it is the format produced by the digitisation equipment and has not been repeatedly saved etc. Exploration of JPEG2000 as an access format needs more consideration as it will be resource intensive. JPEG/PNG access copies will be fine for simple use on the web and in publications. 

[SPR:Dorset History Centre collection of digitised images]

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