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_Transferring metadata from JPEGs to TIFFs_

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TIFFs are created as a result of our digitisation processes. From the TIFFs, that we keep as master images, we create JPEG derivatives, for which our curators provide descriptive metadata by (among other things) embedding them in the image header. 

We would like the metadata to be embedded back also in the TIFF headers, and for this reason we need a tool that extracts a given set of metadata and writes it into the TIFF header. Ideally, the process should be integrated to our existing DAM solution, Extensis Portfolio, where the metadata for the JPEGs are created. 

Frequently Asked Question:

Why don't you write the metadata in the TIFFs and then convert them into JPEGs? 

There are two reasons why we are not doing that: 

# Digitisation processes need JPEGs as a result - we simply do not have enough capacity to do all the metadata BEFORE the derivatives are created
# The TIFFs are expensive to produce - ideally we would only create them once and then create and use the derivatives. For this reason, we are reluctant to open the TIFFs for editing to our curators and we'd rather use a sanitised, thoroughly-tested programmatic process.

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Use ExifTool to extract the metadata from the JPEGs and write them back to the TIFFs - does it work? Is there any danger of corrupting the images?

Convert the TIFFs losslessly to JPEG2000 and do the metadata on these derivatives - assuming that from JPEG2000  

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