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DVD Migration and Video Splitting

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This solution proposes a way to migrate a DVD containing different aggregated video sequences into a video file and to split the aggregated video sequences afterwards. There are many possible ways to approach this, the goal was to find open source solutions that are easy to use and include a graphical user interface. 
# The video was extracted from the DVD using [OGMRip|] into a [Matroska|,d.d2k&cad=rja] file (*.mkv).
# In order to reduce the size of the video it was converted to a compressed video using [Handbrake|,d.d2k] with MPEG-4 encoded video and AAC encoded audio, [ffmpeg|,d.d2k] was defined in Handbrake for performing the video and audio conversion. The
# The large video file was split into the different parts using [Avidemux|,d.d2k]. The video file parts were separated by short black frame sequences. Given that Avidemux allows to directly jump to black frames it was easy to find where the next video sequence starts to define the start and end cut points. Furthermore, Avidemux indicates which are the keyframes (I-images), only those frames can be used to cut the video file.

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[SPR:Content separation]

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* [OGMRip|]
* [Handbrake|,d.d2k]
* [ffmpeg|,d.d2k]
* [Avidemux|,d.d2k]