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_Taking simple preservation actions that will begin to tackle preservation issues with few resources._

*Detailed description*
_The collection of London 2012 material is catalgoued on our CALM cataloguing system. However, before putting a programme in place, we are looking for some simple preservation actions, for example, retaining some technical metadata, that will begin to tackle the issues before something can be put in place. _

*Issue champion*

*Other interested parties*


*Possible Solution approaches*

* Use DROID to categorise files in collection and take checksums \- can be rechecked periodically
* Check 'at risk' file formats against collection file formats
*  Run word cloud over collection to store high level info about the topic / subject before cataloguing in more detail

_Waiting for a digital preservation solution. Before this point, we want to ensure we are taking _{_}achievable preservation actions._

*Lessons Learned*
_Working within current boundaries and starting to take small steps is useful._


[SPR:London 2012 Partnership governance and communication records]


[freqy - word clouds for directories|SPR:freqy - word clouds for directories]