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More information is needed about various file formats - what they are, whether they are propriety, whether they have long term preservation issues - in order to make a decision from a collection of data about what is important to keep. This information would also inform how we request data such as this to be provided by vendors to our organisations in the future. It enables us to ensure data is being produced that is sustainable. 

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Research and guidance available?

Who else is creating this type of data?


Both datasets have been created out of a conservation/preservation need. They have also both been created by third parties. 

*Lessons Learned*

Standards are important to ensure digital assets are maintained and re-usable. 


[SPR:Laser Scanning data of Gabo sculptures]

[SPR:3D Modelling Data for Terracotta Roundels]


See roundup presentation *[here|^SPRUCE Mashup London 2_v3.pdf]*

* [Archaeological Data Services - "Laser Scanning for Archaeology: A Guide to Good Practice"|]

* [NCSA Polyglot|]: "NCSA Polyglot is a distributed file format conversion service built on top of third party software."