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| *One line summary* | Unknown JPEG2000 technical characteristics present risks to quality, preservation and support for access \\ |
| *Detailed description* | The profile used to create a collection of JPEG2000 images is unknown. It is not known if there is a consistent profile used across the collection. Without verifying these technical characteristics it is difficult to confirm quality and consistency across the collection and be aware of potential risks to preservation and access to the content. \\
\\ |
| *Issue champion* | Paul Wheatley \\ |
| *Possible approaches* | * View profile attributes in Kakadu, filter for relevant attributes, extract and compare across the entire collection \\
\\ |
| *Context* | |
| *AQuA Solutions* | [AQuA:Capture relevant profile, extract and check conformance] |
| *Collections* | * [19th Century Books (BL)|AQuA:19th Century Books (BL)]
* [Digitised Books (ONB)|AQuA:Digitised Books (ONB)] |