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h2. Introduction

*During our activities in the SCAPE project concerning the creation of the Policy Framework, we collected several real life policies.  Some other sources, like the report in the Signal by M. Sheldon* [|]  *were also of help in creating this overview of published preservation policies.*

*The policies are showed in alphabetical order and divided by*
* *Libraries*
* *Archives*
* *Data Centers*
* *Miscellaneous*

*In practice policies are published under different headings and sometimes not all policies are also "preservation policies". Categorizing the policies to Libraries or for example Data Centers is not always as straightforward, so please look under the different headings.*

{color:#ff0000}{*}Is your digital preservation policy not mentioned in this list and are you willing to share it with your colleagues, please send an email to [email protected] and we will add yours to this list.*{color}

h2. Libraries

* *Bavarian State Library*

_Digital Preservation Policy  \[in German\]_ [|]

* *British Library*

_Digital Preservation Strategy_ [|] 

* *Boston University Library*

_Digital Preservation Policy_ []
* *Cornell University Library*

Cornell University Library Digital Preservation Policy Framework []

* *Dartmouth College Library*

_Digital Preservation Policy_ []

* *Deutsche National Bibliothek*

_Langzeitarchivierungs-Policy der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek \[in German\] _ []

* *German National Library of Economics \[ZBW\]*

_Preservation policy: guidelines for digital preservation at ZBW (2015_) [\*|*]
* *Hathi Trust Digital Library*

_Digital Preservation Policy_ [|]
* *John Hopkins Sheridan Libraries*

_Digital Preservation Policy _ [|]
* *National Library of Australia*

_Digital Preservation Policy 4th Edition_ []

* *National Library of Finland*

_Preservation Policy_  [|]
* Archives New Zealand  and *National Library of New Zealand*

_Digital Preservation Strategy_ [|]

* *National Library of Scotland*

_Digital Preservation Policy (2014)_ []
* *National Library of Wales*

_Digital Preservation Policy and Strategy_ []
* *North Carolina State Library*

_North Carolina Digital Preservation Policy (april 2014)_  [ \_| _]

* *Ohio State University Library*

_Digital Preservation Policy Framework: A Case Study{_}*:* [];

* *Portico*

_Preservation Policies (2013)_ []
* *Purdue University Research Repository*

_Digital Preservation Policy_ []

_Preservation Support Policy_ []
* *The Royal Library: The National Library of Denmark and Copenhagen University Library*

_Policy for long term preservation of digital materials at the Royal Library_ []

_Strategy for long term preservation of digital collection materials at the Royal Library:_ []

* *State Library of Queensland*

_Digital Preservation Policy{_}* * []

* *Statsbiblioteket State and University Library, Denmark*

_Digital Preservation Strategy for State and University Library, Denmark, version 3.0 _ []

_Digital Preservation Policy for State and University Library Denmark, version 3.0 _ []

* *University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign*

_IDEALS Digital Preservation Policy (2009)_ []
* *The University of Manchester Library*

_Digital Preservation Strategy (2012)_ []
* \*University of Massachusetts Amhurst Libraries\*

_Digital Preservation Policy_ []

* *University of Minnesota*

_University Digital Conservancy Preservation Policy_ []
* *University of South Carolina Libraries*

_Digital Preservation Policy Framework_ [|]
* *University of Utah J. Willard Marriot Library*

_ Digital Preservation Policy (2012)_ []
* *Wellcome Library*

\_Preservation Policy for Materials held in Collections [|]  
* *Yale University Library*

_Digital Preservation Policy (2007)_ []

_Yale University Library’s Digital Preservation Policy Framework (2014) _[|]_ _

* *York University*

_Preservation Policy (2014) __[]

h2. Archives

* *Archives New Zealand*  and National Library of New Zealand

_Digital Preservation Strategy_ [|]
* *Cheshire Archives (2010)*

_Digital Preservation Policy_ []
* *Danish National Archives*

_Digital Preservation Policies{_}^ ^ [,1033%29/Strategy_for_archiving_digital_records.pdf|] (English version) or  [,1030%29/Statens_Arkivers_strategi_for_arkivering_af_digitalt_skabte_arkivalier.pdf] (Danish version)

* *Hampshire Archives at Hampshire Record Office (2010)*

_Digital Preservation Policy_ []
* *London Metropolitan Archives*

_Interim Digital Preservation Policy (2010)_ []
* *National Archives of Australia*

_Digital Preservation Policy (2011)_ []
* *National Archives of Estonia*

_Preservation Policy (2007)_ []

* *National Archives of the Netherlands*

_Preservation Policy (2015)_ _[]_ (in Dutch)

* *National Records of Scotland*

_Digital Preservation Strategy (2014)_ \_[]  

* *North Carolina State Archive*

_North Carolina Digital Preservation Policy (april 2014)_  [ \_| _]

* *Parliamentary Archives*

_A digital preservation policy for Parliament (2009)_ []

* *Public Record Office of Northern Ireland*

_Digital Preservation Strategy (2013)_ []
* *Swiss Federal Archive*

_Digital Archiving policy (2009)_ [,lnp6I0NTU042l2Z6ln1ad1IZn4Z2qZpnO2Yuq2Z6gpJCDdYB,fmym162epYbg2c_JjKbNoKSn6A-\-|,lnp6I0NTU042l2Z6ln1ad1IZn4Z2qZpnO2Yuq2Z6gpJCDdYB,fmym162epYbg2c_JjKbNoKSn6A-\-]
* *The National Archives* (UK)

_Preservation Policy (2009)_ _[]_

* *West Yorkshire Archive Services*

_Digital Archives Policy (2007)_ []

h2. Data Centers

* *Digital Repository of Ireland*

_DRI Preservation Policy (2018) __[]_
* *Florida Digital Archive*

_FDA Policy and Procedures (2011) _[] 
* *GESIS Data Archive for the Social Sciences*

_Digital Preservation Policy (2014_)  [] (in German) and [] (in English)
* *CenterData, Tilburg,  The Netherlands*

_Preservation and Dissemination Policy of the LISS Data Archive _ (2013) []
* *DANS (Data Archive and Networked Services), the Netherlands*

_Preservation Policy_ (2014) []

* *University of Michigan*

_ICPSR Digital Preservation Policy Framework_ []
* *University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: The Howard W. Odum Institute for Research in Social Science*

_Digital Preservation Policies_ (2011) []

* *UK Data Service*

Preservation Policy (2012) [|] 

h2. Miscellaneous

* *Brazilian Congress (Chamber of Deputies)*, *Brazil*

_Digital Preservation Policy (2012, in Portugese)_


[{color:#000000}Explanation (in English)  how this policy was created can be found at{color}|][|][ |]
* *Irish Film Institute*

_Digital Preservation and Access Strategy (2015) _[]

* *National Museum Australia*

_ Digital Preservation and digitisation policy_ (2012) []

* *Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision*

_(de Jong, A) Digital Preservation Sound and Vision: Policy, Standards and Procedures (2016) __[]_ _(English) and __[]_ _(Dutch) _

* *Public Governance Flanders (Belgium)*

_Against digital Alzheimer's:Policy on Digital Preservation (2013)_ []